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Helping MSP Customers Sell Locally, Serve Globally

While MSP customers are based in one geographic location, their businesses – distribution networks, communication channels, even employees – often go beyond the traditional network perimeter. This creates a security and compliance challenge, and one that many small to medium sized organizations aren’t equipped to handle on their own.

Threats are Pervasive, Shouldn’t Security Act Accordingly?

The Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) concept continues to take its share of the headlines. Seeing as how the industry has accepted this style of relentless security pressure as “the new normal”, why aren’t we thinking about securing our devices in the same way – in a persistent, pervasive manner?

Is Email the Biggest Threat to SME Compliance?

Email, the lifeblood of many organizations, is also often the weakest link in a company’s security and compliance plans. A common misconception is that compliance is an ‘enterprise-only’ problem, however regulations don’t differentiate between large and small businesses. Often small to mid sized organizations are at greater risk, not having the personnel or expertise available to get them back into compliance. This creates a massive opportunity for MSPs to provide an offering to their customers.

How to Quickly Build High-Margin Revenues with Web Security

Cybercrime stakes are high for small and medium-sized businesses: they typically lack the budgets for highly-trained security staff and multi-layered security technologies, making them a ripe target for cyber-criminals.

Three Secrets to Growing a High-Margin Security Business

It’s no secret that security is a fast growing market for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Here are three concepts to help you ride this wave and grow new high-margin revenue streams, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Three Must-Haves for MSPs Implementing Security Solutions for Customers

More than 200,000 new pieces of malware discovered every day, according to some security industry estimates, and cybercriminals are relying on blended threats – using a combination of attack techniques delivered through email and the Web. At the same time, BYOD and anywhere, anytime working means that traditional content and endpoint security solutions are no longer sufficient. So what should you do?