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4 Ways to Make the Business Case for BDR

It’s a painful reality that 94 percent of businesses close their doors within two years if they suffer a major data loss. Another alarming truth is that as many as 96 percent of the PCs in the market today are not adequately backed up—and let’s face it, I am sure in many cases we could extend that stat out to hardware in general and come close to that same percentage. Further compounding this issue here is that 44 percent of the more than 350 channel partners recently surveyed on this topic said they are not proactively selling backup and disaster recovery (BDR) to their customers.

Confused About Selling Cloud? Start with These Two Services

No matter which channel research groups you follow, there is a lot of corroborating evidence that IT is moving to the cloud at an impressive rate. Within the channel, however, there’s still a lot of VARs that have yet to tap into the recurring revenue earning potential of selling cloud solutions and services.

Don’t Suppress Your SMBs’ Appetites to Buy

The number of services and technologies VARs and MSPs offer can be more than a bit overwhelming to many of their potential SMB customers, similar to finding that they have too many options on a restaurant’s menu. Perhaps a better way to serve your customers is to use the bundled approach.

The Case for Both File and Image-Based Backup

The simplest analogy for comparing file and image-based backup systems is the pen and paper: neither one is complete without the other. Without including both file-based and image-based backup, the final solution will be incomplete and won’t offer the same level of satisfaction to your customers.  

Is Your Catastrophe-Focused Sales Pitch Creating Cloud Resistance?

Sometimes when we talk about solutions that are designed to protect customers from disasters, we focus too much on major catastrophic disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, the California wildfires or category 4 tornadoes. Using only these most extreme examples can cause some customers to think, ‘If things got that bad, I’d have way more to worry about than getting my data back in two hours or less.’ Or, it could cause them to take the opposite position: ‘What are the chances my business will be affected by a major catastrophe?’

4 Must-Have Criteria for a Cloud Provider

If there’s one truth that VARs and MSPs can’t ignore about our global economy and growing diversity in the marketplace it’s that a “one-size-fits-all” IT sales model is no longer a viable option. So, why would solution providers partner with vendors whose product offerings suggest otherwise? Regardless of whether a company considers itself a VAR or MSP or goes by another description, differentiation is one of the biggest factors in determining long-term success.

Be the Information Security Specialist Your Customers Need

With the operational complexities and regulations businesses face today, basic computer services and support may not be enough to allow them to keep pace with their competition. Myriad regulations and a multitude of other activities make it difficult for any contemporary organization to survive (let alone thrive) without people who can design and implement increasingly specialized systems…and keep them up and running.

Disaster Recovery: Data Center Fire Suppression Tips

In addition to offsite backup and data storage solutions, VARs and MSPs should help ensure customers’ data centers have fire protection measures in place. Intronis Senior Solution Engineer Nathan Bradbury offers guidance.

4 Tips for Making the Case for Cloud Backup

Even customers who don’t put a lot of stock in IT will usually admit that it’s worth some investment to back up their data. Getting customers to admit the value of data backup and getting them to agree on the value of backing up their data in the cloud are worlds apart, however. The former can be accomplished by presenting your product and explaining its features and price points. The latter requires a more consultative approach.

Using Others’ Words to Your Advantage

Using Others’ Words to Your Advantage

You’ve all seen them: the wealth of industry articles available through vendor partner portals and virtually every IT industry website. The trick is learning how to wield all those

Financial Dependence Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Financial Dependence Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Although the financial industry has had a number of ups and downs in the past few years, it remains a strong area of opportunity for IT channel companies. The institutions that manage mon

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