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Data Protection: Why There Is Strength (and Safety) in Numbers

In today’s data-driven world, businesses of all sizes are finding themselves increasingly vulnerable to data breach and loss. Recent studies have shown, in fact, that cybersecurity attacks are on the rise, increasing in both frequency and intensity.

Holistic Data Protection for the SMB: Five Steps for MSPs

In today’s competitive business climate, data is king. Organizations, both large and small and across all vertical industries, rely heavily on data to stay in business. The fact is that any outage, whether caused by nature or man-made, has the potential to put a company out of business indefinitely–or, in some cases, permanently.

Don’t Let the Winter Weather Get Your Customers Down

From snow and rain on the East Coast and across the Central Plains to the wild El Niño weather patterns out West, people all over the United States are bracing for what could be a tough winter. For businesses, especially, the winter months can be difficult. Hazardous road conditions make it hard to get to and from work, snow and ice can damage power lines and bring down technology infrastructure, and cold weather can lead to burst pipes and flooding, causing businesses to close for indefinite periods of time.

Leveraging Compliance as a Service to Fuel Business Growth

As countless experts in the IT channel will attest, specialization is key to building a thriving business. With an increasing number of MSPs and solution providers heeding this advice, it is not uncommon to come across channel partners that are focused solely on serving clients in the healthcare, legal, banking or financial services industries. Now, those who already possess this vertical market expertise have an opportunity to differentiate themselves even further and grow their businesses by focusing on meeting a critical business need–compliance.

Four Ways to Better Secure Your Remote Workforce

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and an excellent opportunity for MSPs and solution providers to educate their customers on how to protect their data, applications and IT infrastructure from cyber attacks.

How to Convert Remaining Break-Fix Clients

As a managed services provider, you understand the benefits of the recurring revenue stream model. It provides predictable income, saves time and money, improves service levels, and boosts profitability, just to name a few benefits. But making the business case to your customers–especially those who’ve historically been on the “break/fix” invoicing model–may take a little more explaining.

Three Steps to Protecting Your Clients’ Business

As a whole, small businesses are tremendous economic engines–creating jobs, stimulating growth and fostering innovation. Unfortunately, their size makes them especially vulnerable to catastrophic incidents such as fire, flood and extreme weather events, as well as to more localized problems including equipment failures, theft, and cybercrime.

Making the Case for Business-Grade File Sync and Share

With an increasing number of workers using smartphones and tablets to do their jobs, businesses are more compelled than ever to provide their employees with access to solutions and services that support mobility, increase productivity, and enhance communication and collaboration with co-workers, business partners and clients.

3 Reasons Your Managed Services Sales Are Stagnant

There’s no shortage of advice telling IT solution providers they should be selling managed services and earning monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Yet, when it comes down to it, making the transition from project-based or break-fix IT services to managed services is hard.

Four Reasons Why Service Tiers Make Life Easier for MSPs

Ensuring there is more than enough revenue coming in each month to cover expenses is a top priority for every smart business owner, including MSPs. If you are struggling to find the best way to price your services in order to hit your revenue targets, here’s a quick piece of advice: Take the time to evaluate (and potentially change) how you currently package and price your services. Is there a methodology? Do you offer bundles? Or, do you just pick a round number and roll with it?

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