Company: Paragon Solutions

Job Title: Senior Vice President

Erik Raper 1

Erik Raper is senior vice president at Paragon Solutions, a leading advisory consulting and systems integration firm. In this role, Erik brings deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities and a pragmatic mindset to complex business problems. Erik’s team of marketing, strategy and implementation experts work with Paragon’s to industry technology implementation strategists in the development of key go-to-market solutions to help diverse businesses achieve greater productivity, efficiency and functionality.

Recent articles by Erik Raper 1

5 Ways Enterprise Archiving Cures Data Bloat

Enterprises today realize big data is relevant to the way they do business. Measured in terms of volume, velocity and variety, big data can represent a major disruption in business intelligence and data management, upending fundamental notions about information governance. Because it impacts enterprises in every market and industry, the plight of managing escalating data volume is understandable.

5 Smart Ways To Reduce Resistance to Change

So you find yourself in the middle of a large system implementation. You’ve been planning for months, final project approvals have been made and now funding has been identified. Things are rolling forward. You’ve been designing the system as you developed the implementation plan but now that things are becoming “real” some funny things are happening: additional questions, new requirements, requests for delay, concerns and data calls.