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Why Your Cloud Provider’s SLA Should Be More Than Just a Number

To determine the targeted duration of time required to restore acceptable service levels to business processes following disaster or disruption, many organizations increasingly rely on RTO and RPO as standards, supplanting more traditional SLAs guaranteed by their cloud provider.

How Can the Channel Build a Profitable Business Selling Cloud Services?

Today, public cloud providers like Amazon keep a very tight rein on the amount of margin that a channel partner can earn on reselling their services. Single-digit margins and the commitment to volume selling can make building a channel business on those public cloud resources a difficult proposition at best or a losing proposition at worst.

We Need a Multi-tier Wholesale Cloud Solution Built for the Channel

Today’s cloud products do not have the concept of a multi-tier distribution model, so it is left to the cloud operator to manually manage payments for all the parties involved in a transaction. This is complicated, error-prone and a pretty big time sink.

Wholesale Cloud Enables MSPs/Resellers to Profitably Dive into the Cloud Game

We have been seeing the impact that the new cloud economy is having on managed service providers. MSPs are working to adapt their business model to this new paradigm, but adapting is far too complex. There are all kinds of challenges that have to be navigated, including learning new technologies, investing in new infrastructure, re-tooling […]

How to Take the Cloud to the Next Level

The Xterity wholesale cloud service offers a ready-to-go orchestration as a service (OaaS) solution that enables channel partners–through a single UI–to provision and manage all the various cloud services their end customers require.