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And, Now, a Word from Our Partners

Here at eFolder, we know that partners love hearing from other partners–that’s why we organize so many webinars featuring some of our best partners. But what, exactly, attracts MSPs to other MSPs? We believe partners are so eager to hear from their peers because they want inspiration on how to take full advantage of eFolder products and services.

Dropbox Has No Answer to the File Server Dilemma

For many of today’s employees, accessing the file server remotely is the bane of their existence. Unfortunately, millions of businesses still rely on the file server as a central repository, leaving employees to deal with cumbersome VPN and FTP protocols or, as is now common, devise their own (rogue) methods for accessing files while out of the office.

5 Security Features Missing from Consumer-Grade File Sync

eFolder recently conducted a webinar that covered 5 Security Features Missing From Consumer-Grade File Sync, which revealed how services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are severely lacking in the security department. More importantly, the webinar featured a demo of security features that should be primary considerations for any prudent business owner and IT service provider.

3 Ways MSPs Can Profit when Clients Adopt Cloud Applications

In recent years, small- and medium-sized business buoyed by the simplicity and affordability of cloud services have moved more of their data to cloud applications. But even as SMBs cheer the low prices and ease of use that cloud applications deliver, many MSPs have expressed concern at the diminished margins they see when deploying cloud applications.

Little by Little: Cloud Adoption in 2015

Gigantic baby steps–that’s one way to describe enterprise adoption of cloud applications. On one hand, cloud adoption is happening faster than ever. On the other, companies are keeping themselves tightly tethered to their on-premise solutions.

My Own Worst Enemy: Why the Insider Threat Should Be Companies’ No. 1 Security Concern

As a species, we humans just can’t seem to get out of our own way. A recent survey found that 83% of information security professionals feel that users are among the greatest security risks to their organizations, followed by cloud services and mobile devices—each at 38%. Does this story sounds familiar? It should to anyone in the IT world.

Six MSP Problems Solved by True Marketing Automation

Many good MSPs today already have invested in a professional services automation (PSA) platform, such as Connectwise or Autotask. These tools are essential for growing MSPs. Labor costs are challenge for any service business, and PSA tools help automate and organize key tasks, such as time tracking and ticket handling. However, PSA tools do not hold a candle to best-of-breed marketing automation platforms when it comes to genuine marketing functionality.

Beyond Uptime: Three Key Client Benefits of a Business Continuity Solution

Business continuity services such as backup and disaster recovery (BDR) offer businesses protection from downtime, whether it is caused by everyday disruptions or rare, but destructive, disasters. Beyond ensuring uptime, business continuity solutions provide a number of other benefits for your clients–financial gain, compliance with industry and regulatory requirements, and increased efficiency.

Five Tips for Hosting Your Own Client Panels

“Lunch and Learns” are a terrific way to generate new leads, form relationships with partners and strengthen your brand. If you’ve ever been to a Lunch and Learn, you’re familiar with the format: nice, complimentary meal, maybe a glass of wine, and a sales pitch about the host company’s latest and greatest product. It’s a tough invitation to turn down, which makes it one of the most effective marketing tactics

Three Risks Associated with Leading Cloud Services

In the last few years, SMBs everywhere have moved increasing amounts of corporate information to cloud applications such as, Office 365, Google Apps and Box to unlock collaboration, accessibility and mobility. Unfortunately, many SMBs are under the incorrect assumption that there is no risk of data loss in the cloud.

File Sync or Dedicated Backup? Five Questions MSPs Should Ask to Determine the Best Backup Solution for Their Clients

How should your clients back up their data? It may seem like a simple question, but the answer many MSPs provide–“a dedicated backup service, of course!”–may or may not be the right solution for every client. In reality, both business-grade file sync and traditional backup services have overlapping functionality when it comes protecting data against permanent loss. Ask your clients the following five questions to determine whether file sync or a dedicated backup solution is a better fit for their needs.1.

The Sky Isn’t Falling: Keeping Your Clients Safe in the Cloud

For companies with sensitive and potentially irreplaceable information, storing important files in the cloud requires careful consideration. The spread of data across different cloud platforms presents two problems. First, it increases the likelihood of data leakage and data loss, as administrators lose control over the data. Second, when documents, pictures and other files are stored in different cloud services, finding them–and recovering them if necessary–can be a challenge.

Keeping the File Server Sexy (and Making Your Clients Happy)

How do MSPs reconcile the virtues of the file server with the benefits of cloud file sync? One way is to cloud-enable the file server. Here are three ways cloud-enabling the file server keeps the file server sexy and makes your clients happy.

How to Talk Your Clients Out of Going Direct

Here are four ways MSPs can maintain adoption of managed services and discourage their clients from depending on a direct relationship with vendors like Microsoft and Dropbox.

Marketing for the Masses

Although most MSPs recognize the importance of marketing, there are two main reasons to explain why they so often fail to do it: time and budget.

Let the Storm Rage On

No matter where your clients are located, severe weather conditions or natural disasters can affect their ability to come into the office anytime. Backup and file sync technologies can help your clients remain productive, whether they’re forced to stay home or are on the road. Here’s how your clients can use business-class file sync and cloud backup solutions to keep business going, whether they’re in the office or not.

Three Ways to Block Dropbox in the Workplace

BYOD has empowered employees to get work done on their own time and in the manner they enjoy, but it also poses serious security risks for companies when employees use insecure consumer-grade file sync solutions to store and share sensitive corporate data.

The Five Ways SaaS Data is Lost

MSPs whose clients are using cloud services need to be aware of the risks associated with storing data in the cloud.

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