Company: Tenego Partnering

Job Title: CEO

Donagh Kiernan 1

Donagh Kiernan is founder and CEO of Tenego Partnering, a business development services company based in Cork, Ireland, providing hands-on international partner sales channels development for growing and established software product companies. His areas of specialty include sales, generating partnerships and strategic business development of internationally focused technology product and services companies. Kiernan's background includes software development, business ownership and management, business development and technology sales and marketing.

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4 Tips for Generating More Sales Through the Channel

It's common sense that to generate business, you need to get the attention of customers and convince them your product can solve their needs. But this simple sentence carries great challenges of so many varieties for most companies when it comes to direct sales costs.

Top 5 Challenges of Forecasting with Partners, and What To Do About Them

One of the most important exercises a vendor can perform with its channel partners is a yearly sales forecast. Not only does it create a road map for the channel partner to follow throughout the year, it provides insight into how important the vendor is to the channel partner (and vice versa).

5 Ways to Get Partners to Sell Your Product, Part 2

In part one of this series, we offered up five considerations when onboarding new partners or working with existing partners to increase sales. In part two, we offer five more points on ways to get your sales channel partners to sell your product.

5 Ways to Get Partners to Sell Your Product, Part 1

Many years ago a friend explained the term “Barney Partner.” This is where a sales partner is secured and signed, and a fanfare of PR is used to announce the partnership between the companies, but then the partnership doesn’t produce any customers.

10 Mistakes to Avoid in Channel Sales Development

Are you making these mistakes when you partner with managed service providers and IT service providers? If you are, it will hamper, damage or kill your success with sales. Here’s what you need to avoid.

Aligning the Path to your Customers: Demand Clarity

In medieval times science was regarded as magic, as people felt it couldn’t be understood. In my early business experience, as a former deep software techie, business development and partnering couldn’t be an exact science. I wrongly believed you couldn’t clearly define how you map out how to get to your customers that every advertisement, PR piece, event and sales letter was a shot in the dark that by chance would produce some results.


Weighing Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Partner Agreements

If you want an instant heated and strong opinion then just ask a vendor executive whether his or her company would award exclusivity to a reseller. Mostly they would answer with a flat, “No way,” or, “Not a hope.” The response is not a rational one.

Top 5 Vendor Barriers to Channel Partner Market Engagement

I hear many times from vendors about channel partners who didn’t work and within a short conversation it becomes clear why. It’s always easier after the fact to determine what went wrong, but it's also easier to point out the lessons learned and how the wasted time could have been prevented.