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Pure Cloud MSPs: A Near Future Possibility?

Pure Cloud MSPs: A Near Future Possibility?

Will there be a day when a managed service provider offers every service from the cloud? Before you answer that question consider some recent trends.

Already a few MSPs have got onto the Google/Zoho bandwagon to provide SaaS-based email and messaging tools replacing traditional packaged software from Microsoft.

Now, add the numerous hosted Ex

Can Amazon’s Cloud Reduce MSP Hosting Costs?

If you are a start-up managed service provider, I would recommend taking a look at Amazon Web Services. It is very promising and it helps you host your software on Amazon EC2 (Elastic Com

How to Start A Managed Services Business In 2009

If you have been dilly-dallying with the idea of starting a managed services business, look no further, 2009 is the ideal year for you to become an MSP. For a complete guide on how to setup a managed services

It’s Time to Add Power Management to Your Service Catalogue

A lot of people talk about “going green” — but have you ever done the math to see how power management can assist your company — and your customers? Take a look at this quick example, involving the cost of running 500 PC desktops year-round in California.

The retail price of electricity in California is 11.53 cents per kW hour. If y

MSP Center Plus Launches Beta

Being an MSP is no fun, especially if you are a mid-sized organization.

As you read this article, national players and biggies such as Dell might be talking to your customers with attractive offerings. Being a regional player with quick on-call service might no longer work out to your advantage. Now, how do you face this situation? What’s your