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Filling the Generation Gap in Baby Boomer Digital Security

The Baby Boom generation has always been known as a progressive bunch. They took a leading role in promoting civil rights and produced some of the most groundbreaking music ever recorded. But when it comes to digital security, Baby Boomers are the opposite of progressive, and MSPs can play a role in filling the generation gap.

Tapping the Market for Managed Mainframe Services

Mainframes may seem like a relic from an earlier era of IT, like word processors or mobile devices that don’t make phone calls or link to the Internet. But according to a new survey from BMC Software, mainframe computing is alive and well, and mainframe services may prove a valuable area for MSPs serving the SMB market to explore.

SMBs Need Social Media Help

SMBs are increasingly using social media for business purposes, but not necessarily as part of a planned corporate strategy.

Offering SMBs Managed Facebook Alternatives

Although a new survey shows close to half of small business owners use Facebook for their business, a Facebook page is not always the best option for an SMB trying to reach customers online. MSPs may be able to provide SMB clients with e-commerce services that are safer and more effective than doing business via the world’s largest social networking site.

Secure Cloud Collaboration Provider Axway Intros MSP Program

Axway, a provider of business software for secure cloud-based B2B interactions and integrations, is introducing an MSP partner program. The program enables MSPs to complement, enhance and extend their current shared services offerings with Axway’s secure collaboration, encryption, and file transfer solutions.

BeyondTrust Security Support Extended to Multi-Tenant

BeyondTrust, a provider of what the company calls “context-aware security intelligence,” is releasing a new security application called Retina CS 3.5 that includes features aimed specifically at easing the process of offering it as a managed service for MSPs.

Small Business Virus Woes Ripe for Managed Services Cure

If you are an MSP specializing in either providing services to small-to-mid-sized businesses (SMBs) and/or providing security services, you should pay attention to the results of a recent survey from GFI Software suggesting that viruses and malware are creating problems that SMB IT managers cannot handle on their own.

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