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How Prepared Are You for Next Year’s Marketing Plan?

As great as direct mail is, that does not complete your marketing strategy! There are 4 essentials you need when it comes to building your marketing strategy: Planning, Budget, Messaging, and Execution. Let’s break these down further.

The Ever-Evolving MSP

A study conducted among CharTec partners revealed that personalized service, customer relationships, and response time are the top three things MSPs think they do better than their competitors. Here’s the problem, though. Service is no longer enough.

MSP Sales: Why the Elevator Pitch Doesn’t Work

MSPs spend lots of time enhancing their elevator sales pitch. But that’s a waste of time, asserts CharTec CEO Alex Rogers. Instead, managed services providers (MSPs) committed to sales growth should follow these tips.

A Day in the Life of Lead Generation

Sales and marketing drive your business, but what’s the difference between the two? The sole purpose of marketing is to bring leads into the sales funnel. The goal of sales is to take those leads and close them or convert them to a sale or purchase. Here are some best marketing practices to keep that sales funnel full.

The Power of Social Media for Sales People

Sales people who use social media exceed their quota 23 percent more often than sales people who don’t use it. Indeed, non-social media users missed their quota 15 percent more often than sales reps who used social media.

A balanced social media diet can ensure your success

The Social Media Diet

Eating right, balance, constancy, and mixing up your intake; all keys to a healthy diet. Mix in exercise and you have a winning combination for a healthy body. Social media is very similar in many ways.

4 Easy Ways to Create Lab Testing Credibility

You wouldn’t buy a new car without test driving it so why recommend a product to clients without doing the same? With so much riding on such a simple solution, you can’t afford to be wrong – especially because a solution that causes problems isn’t a solution at all.