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Charles Cooper is an award-winning freelance author who writes about business and technology. During his 30-plus year career, he has worked as an executive editor at several leading tech publications including CNET, ZDNet, PC Week and Computer Shopper.

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Parting the Clouds to Find the Right Path

Some clients prefer the private clouds because it best suits their individual businesses preferences while others prefer public clouds for the very same reason. But MSPs can weave together hybrid cloud solutions, which offer features of both, helping clients take advantage of specific cloud functionality offered to them.

Three Reasons to Move to the Cloud

MSPs have compelling business arguments to convince customers that migrating to the cloud is the smart move, one that will allow them to innovate and iterate faster – at lower cost.

Why Multi-cloud Messes are an MSP’s Best Friend

Growing numbers of enterprise clouds are choosing multi-cloud strategies and the resulting complexity can prove overwhelming. But it also offers MSPs an opportunity to supply the needed skills to manage the setup and offer coherent solutions.

“I’m new to cloud services. Can you help?”

After companies decide to migrate their infrastructure to the cloud, the questions start with management often not having the first clue what to do next. Here’s how MSPs can ease the transition with programs tailored to the individual business’ needs.

What will IoT Mean for MSPs?

MSPs have a potentially big role to play in the IoT movement with literally tens of billions of new devices expected to get connected to cloud networks by the end of the decade.

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