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Charles Cooper is an award-winning freelance author who writes about business and technology. During his 30-plus year career, he has worked as an executive editor at several leading tech publications including CNET, ZDNet, PC Week and Computer Shopper.

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Data Encryption: Your Customers Need It

When it comes to cloud computing, too many businesses give short shrift to data encryption. MSPs can help their clients prevent hackers from waltzing off with troves of stolen data.

Why IT No Longer has its Head in the Clouds

Many IT managers missed a chance to promote the cloud as a way to meet the company’s broader goals. No longer – but they can use MSPs to lend a welcome helping hand.

No Automatic Cloud Antidotes for Ransomware

When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s simply no place to hide any more. Up until a year or two ago, managed service providers could advise their clients to copy data to the cloud and store it there. As long as organizations had invested resources to defend their cloud infrastructures, the IT department could always count on retrieving clean backup copies just in case intruders had corrupted company files stored in on-premises equipment. That’s no longer necessarily true.

Are the Big Cloud Concerns Turning into Yesterday’s News?

Organizations are adopting cloud computing in record numbers, discarding the security concerns that previously inhibited wide-scale cloud deployments. But do they also risk getting lured into a false sense of security? The answer depends on how much attention they pay to threat mitigation.

Cloud Deployment at a Crossroads?

By now, you have to look long and hard to find a business hasn’t heard about the advantages it can gain by moving data to the cloud. The conventional wisdom has it that migrating to the cloud is no longer a question of if, but when–at least on paper.

When It Comes to Cloud Security, Leave the Sandbags at Home

There was a time when businesses defended against cyberattackers by piling up the equivalent of digital sandbags. The idea was to trust whatever was inside the perimeter and distrust whatever was outside the perimeter. But this approach to cybersecurity doesn’t work in a world in which data, applications and employees don’t always reside inside a company’s four walls.

Think Twice about Where to Store the Crown Jewels

Where is it safest to store your company’s most important data–in the cloud or locked up where you can physically guard it? This information includes business-critical items such as source code, intellectual property and customer information–in other words, the lifeblood of any business. The data is so important that a breach can easily result in catastrophe.

Why Focusing on Cost Could Cost You Dearly

When you sit down with a prospective client to discuss migrating data to the cloud, the client will likely point to the grabby headlines promising amazing cost savings. Here’s where you look the client in the eye and say, “Short term or long term?”

How the Cloud Can Help SMBs Level the Playing Field

How the Cloud Can Help SMBs Level the Playing Field

After a slow start, cloud computing is fulfilling many of the early expectations of small and midsize companies, enabling them to seize on new technology to level the playing field between them and bigger, more lavishly financed rivals.

Prepping for the Big Cloud Conversation

All too often, conversations with CEOs and top management about migrating corporate data are unproductive. The organization’s business leadership isn’t there to get a speeds and feeds dissertation. They want to know about–wait for it–business.

What the IT Staffing Shortage Means for MSPs

Companies continue to struggle to hire people skilled in cloud computing–and not because potential hires are holding out for jumbo sized paychecks. Simply put, there just aren’t enough qualified candidates.

Private vs Public Cloud Whats More Secure

Private vs. Public Cloud: What’s More Secure?

When it comes to cloud security, should you go public or private? Proponents of each have no trouble marshaling evidence to support their competing claims. But don’t expect this choice to be an easy one. This the equivalent of a bar stool debate that only gets louder as the night gets longer–with no firm answer either way.

MSP Marketing: What Works, What Doesn’t

In a crowded market, effective marketing can help a company stand apart from its rivals. But for many hard-core techies, that notion still remains a hard sell.

When it Comes to the Cloud  SDDC Shouldnt be a FourLetter Word

When it Comes to the Cloud, SDDC Shouldn’t be a Four-Letter Word

As the data center becomes more defined by software, businesses face new complexity. But many IT organizations don’t have the expertise to navigate the transition to a software-defined data center and that leaves an opening for managed services providers.

MSPs, Circle a Big Target Around SMBs

Small and medium-sized businesses risk falling behind larger rivals who have already adapted to the cloud. Here’s why SMBs can’t afford to sit on the sidelines any longer.

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