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Is there a Mobile Device Management Bubble?

Is there an MDM (mobile device management) bubble? Currently I get a lot of questions about what our mobile device management (MDM) strategy is, and to be f

Amazon’s Spot Price Secret

Being able to pay only for what you use on AWS’s EC2 platform has closed the gap between the IT capabilities of l

The Cloud is Dead. Long Live the Cloud!

I am going to tempt fate here. Just over two years ago when we starting investigating moving our service to ‘The Cloud’ all the talk was about lack of s

Do Your Customers Trust That You Deliver Value?

Anyone going to be buying Facebook shares? I think I might – if only because it will be THE cool icebreaker for the next few months. What’s not to like. But a $100 billion valuation? That’s

How MSPs Can Build, Measure, Learn

Here’s a take on business building that I thought would be worth sharing. As this is our first guest blog on MSPMentor I figured it may be of use in your own efforts and also serves to