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The Best Buns in Town

How do you deliver a unique and memorable experience? What details are you paying attention to, and do those details translate to a better experience for the customer?

Addressing the Critical ID- 10- T Error

DirectAccess provides users with an always-on, VPN-free connection to the corporate intranet in a Windows 7 or 8 environment, without the need for a login or password. Celestix’s DAX platform for Microsoft DirectAccess and Two-factor Authentication offering is designed to make DirectAccess easy to use.

Making the Complicated Simple: An MSP Cloud Imperative

The move to the cloud may not be as simple as it purports to be because the delivery of various cloud services relies on old and outdated technologies that were designed for use in an on-premise architecture. How can the MSP simplify and consolidate these services into an easy to deliver range of services?

Managed Security Services and MSPs: Tackling the Challenges

I recently attended Cloud Expo Europe and was fascinated by the sheer diversity of the event. I was also surprised to see that the MSP and Cloud community is still working hard to educate the market as to the benefits of the various service-based models. This reminded me of the security market ten years ago, […]