Carrie Simpson 1

Company: Managed Sales Pros

Job Title: President

Carrie Simpson 1

Carrie has 20 years of inside and field sales experience. She is the founder of Cold Calls Lead Generation, a business to business sales appointment setting firm. For fourteen years she has helped technology companies sell more, more efficiently. Carrie spent two years building the Managed Services lead generation program at The Eureka Project before founding Managed Sales Pros, a sales cycle acceleration firm that focuses exclusively on the managed services ecosystem. She was named by MSPMentor as one of the 250 most influential people in the technology channel for 2013.

Carrie still cold calls daily. She is responsible for client strategy at Managed Sales Pros and is available for consulting, training and speaking engagements. Carrie’s client list includes MSP industry guru Robin Robins, RMM vendors AVG Managed Workplace and Nable by Solar Winds, Network Security firm OpenDNS, the document management startup ITGlue and emerging and established MSPs from Seattle to New York City.

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Sales 101: Stand Your Ground Against Competitors

Now that anyone can research anything at the push of a button online, it’s foolish to think that a new prospect won’t immediately go check out the competition. Don’t shy away from others competing against you for customers, stand tall.

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How to Handle Sales Objections, Part 3

There are plenty of polite ways to tell a sales representative to get lost. “Send me something” is a sales objection many representatives have heard, but is it something they can overcome?

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How to Handle Sales Objections, Part 2

This week we’re looking at an objection I am sure all CSPs encounter regularly. While it seems like a very simple objection, handling it can be quite complex. Which objection am I talking about? Find out here.

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How to Handle Sales Objections, Part 1

Ever run into objections during a cold call? Don’t worry, it happens to everybody. Here are a few ways to overcome common sales objections.

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Selling Cloud: Pitch to the Gatekeeper

If you are approaching the gatekeeper as someone to “get past” and not someone to sell to, you are not properly preparing for your sales calls. The gatekeeper is your first champion, and should be pitched that way.

Keep things simple when cold calling customers meaning stick to the basics

Selling Cloud: 3 Cold Calling Tips

Cold calling customers for cloud is like cold calling customers for any other solution or service. Here are three ways you can stay ahead of the game.

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