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Company: Managed Sales Pros

Job Title: President

Carrie Simpson 1

Carrie has 20 years of inside and field sales experience. She is the founder of Cold Calls Lead Generation, a business to business sales appointment setting firm. For fourteen years she has helped technology companies sell more, more efficiently. Carrie spent two years building the Managed Services lead generation program at The Eureka Project before founding Managed Sales Pros, a sales cycle acceleration firm that focuses exclusively on the managed services ecosystem. She was named by MSPMentor as one of the 250 most influential people in the technology channel for 2013.

Carrie still cold calls daily. She is responsible for client strategy at Managed Sales Pros and is available for consulting, training and speaking engagements. Carrie’s client list includes MSP industry guru Robin Robins, RMM vendors AVG Managed Workplace and Nable by Solar Winds, Network Security firm OpenDNS, the document management startup ITGlue and emerging and established MSPs from Seattle to New York City.

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Telesales Done Better

Tele-sales Done Better

You may be asking the right questions. But are you getting to right outcomes?

Why Go Niche?

Though it might sound paradoxical, some companies are finding success narrowing their focus.

When Do I Hire a Lead Generator?

When is it time to hire someone to do lead generation? There are a few factors to consider when deciding whether to DIY lead gen or hire help.

Weighting Your Opportunities – Use Facts, Not Feelings

As you begin to prospect more, you’ll need to start forecasting to support your growth. Staffing, for example, will be very contingent on what your sales pipeline looks like. How do you create the forecast, and how do you manage it so that you are proactively prepared for the new business you’re signing? 

It39s harder to work in the summer when everyone is out on vacation or golfing but summer prospecting can pay off if you do it right

3 Approaches to Summer Prospecting

With all the distractions available to you through the summer, it can be difficult to maintain focused on picking up the phone. Or take it up a notch.

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Beginning a Prospecting Campaign: Use What You Have

So many companies tell me they are waiting for something to change or something to be finished or something new to happen before they begin a prospecting campaign. There will always be something that prevents you from executing on new initiatives. Budget. Timing. Headcount. Something. If you wait for the perfect time to start something, you’ll never begin.

Twitter can be used as a prospecting tool if leveraged correctly

Using Twitter For Prospecting

When we hear that Company A is dropping the ball, we can be pretty certain they’re dropping it constantly — and that’s the perfect time to hit Twitter to figure out who else on their client roster may be considering a change. Once you have your Twitter hit list for each of your competitors, you can lead with the services you happen to know (based on the calls you’ve already had or the business you’ve already won) they are likely going to be unhappy with.

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What If Your Sales Leads Aren’t Converting?

While there are companies that struggle to fill their pipeline with qualified leads, there are also organizations that have the opposite problem. They get plenty of leads, but nothing seems to close. Why does that happen? How can they fix this problem?

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Making The Most Of Referrals

A happy client or an impressed colleague has presented you with the name of a company they think requires your services. That’s fantastic. It’s an enormous compliment and your highest percentage chance to win new business. How do you go about pursuing this prospect?

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Should I Talk About Price On The First Call?

Old school sales coaching says you must defer talking about price until you’ve built enough value in the prospects mind to justify it. New sales experts encourage you to vigorously disqualify in the first call using trial closes that include pricing discussions to make sure you’re not wasting your time on prospects that aren’t qualified. Which strategy is correct when selling cloud?

How Do You Recover From The Worst Call Ever?

How Do You Recover From The Worst Call Ever?

No matter how badly you botched that pitch, someone has done something worse. Making thousands of calls daily, we aren’t going to knock each one out of the park. You won’t either. Don’t let one bad call take you out of the game for the day.

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Ramping Sales Up For Q3

Without an effective sales strategy in Q2, sales teams will find themselves scrambling in Q3. Sales prospecting in Q3 is all about follow-ups and maintenance of relationships. July and August are difficult months to prospect in to new accounts.

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Sales 101: Givers Gain

By becoming a giver, a salesperson can provide a personal touch to any sales conversation. Understand the needs of your lead and how your company can add value. You’d be surprised by how being persistent will help you close any deal.

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No, I Don’t Want to Talk to IT

It happens all the time. You ask to speak to the CEO, the gatekeeper asks what your call is regarding, and then you hear those five little words we all dread: “I’ll transfer you to IT.”

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Good Luck Hiring a Superstar Telemarketer

Telemarketing remains one of the most cost effective ways to drive new business — if you have the right person for the job. So how can you find, hire and support a telemarketing superstar? The short answer is, you probably can’t

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