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VMware Cloud Credits Lets Partners Resell Cloud

VMware offers a way for its VAR partners to get in on the cloud by reselling Cloud Credits. The program not only provides VARs with additional revenue, it also gives them a way to help their customers rein in rogue departmental cloud implementations.

VMware Talks about Distribution and Value Velocity

The VAR Guy spoke with Chris Waldo, director of distribution marketing at VMware about how the company works with distribution to bring sales and marketing programs to partners. VMware has a program called Cloud Credits to help partners gain value and get more help with sales and marketing as part of the Value Velocity program.

VMware Continues to Update Partner Program

Toni Adams, VP global partner and alliance marketing at VMware, describes how the virtualization and cloud company continues to evolve its channel partner program. Interviewed by CJ Arlotta, senior editor, The VAR Guy