Company: Tech Success Communications

Job Title: Principal Consultant

Brian Sherman 1

Brian Sherman is the Principal Consultant at Tech Success Communications, a firm specializing in IT channel marketing and business development. With more than a decade of industry experience, he has a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of providers, vendors and distributors. As a former editor of Business Solutions magazine and Senior Director of Industry Alliances for Autotask, Brian offers the unique perspective of both a channel journalist and active participant in the IT community. That insight allows him to help solution providers and vendors effectively craft and deliver their press and marketing messages.

Recent articles by Brian Sherman 1

Revenue from the Leading Edge

Where is your company positioned on the innovation curve? Are you offering solutions and services that the mainstream channel community hasn’t readily adopted yet? Believe it or not, what was previously considered the “danger zone” for solution providers—cutting-edge technologies—is quickly becoming a significant source of their revenue stream.

7 Tips for Building Strong IT Business Alliances

Have you ever heard the quote, “the only way to have a friend is to be one?” Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words ring just as true in the business community as they do the schoolyard. You have to give as much as you get from relationships for them to be truly worthwhile and while that’s no secret, many high-ranking and skilled business professionals have short memories when it comes to that principle.

What is a Vendor Partnership Worth to Your IT Business?

On a typical day, the social media forums are abuzz with at least one or two complaints about suppliers’ business practices or the injustice of a recent change in programs. Though the online discussions often meander into long, drawn-out dialogues concerning other issues and vendors, many originate from legitimate complaints.