Brad Stoller

Company: PT Services Group

Job Title: National Director of Business Development

Brad Stoller

Brad Stoller is working to change how MSPs look at their sales processes. He consistently authors articles, provides video instruction for MSP sales tips and holds numerous sales-related webinars to help MSP owners, managers and sales personnel. As the national director of business development for The PT Services Group, Brad has interviewed hundreds of MSP owners in order to develop a new way of focusing on quality first-time appointments and sustainable, exponential growth.

Recent articles by Brad Stoller


The 4 Voices in a Sales Conversation

The most successful sales meetings are conversations where the salesperson listens to understand and quiets their competing inner voices.


4 Steps for Unseating a Competing MSP

It’s never easy to win a customer away from a competitor, but there are a few ways to make the sales process of unseating an incumbent more effective.

8 Laws of Hiring an Appointment Setting Firm

8 Laws of Hiring an Appointment Setting Firm

You are right to be skeptical of appointment setting, but you should not allow that skepticism to stunt your business growth. Instead, use it to thoroughly vet your appointment setting firm so that you can add a powerful competitive advantage to your growth strategy.