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‘Tis the Season to Be Prepared

‘Tis the Season to Be Prepared

While we can all give thanks that the hurricane season is officially over, Hurricane Sandy was a fierce reminder of the importance of disaster preparedness. The advent of the winter storm season

What Tweens Can Teach You About Twitter

I had a conversation with a couple coworkers the other day about Twitter followers and what made someone click the ‘Follow’ button. We agreed that a company shou

Backup Is Not Enough

It’s a sad story, one that’s been told many times: Important data wasn’t sufficiently backed up. Then a tragic event struck. It was a drive crash on a critical server, or a lost laptop,

3 Things SMBs Must Do Before the Next Natural Disaster

If you think you can afford downtime, ask the small-business owners who faced Hurricane Isaac in the U.S. Southeast. Many of them had to close their doors as the Category 1 hurricane left more t

Go Deep: The Value of Vertical Knowledge

There are literally thousands of technology service providers and resellers offering basically the same stuff, making it extremely challenging to distinguish their services and really stand out.

DIY is for Bathrooms, Not Business Continuity

I enjoy “do-it-yourself” (DIY) projects, but I know my limits (well, most of the time). If a project is deemed to be within my abilities — either rightly or wrongly — it’s off to the home improveme

How to Take Back Control of Your Email

Your in-box. Just the mention of it might give you pangs of stress. The technology that revolutionized business communication less than two decades ago is now commonly a burden or, at

Five Steps to Building a Super Team

The word ‘team’ is tossed around a lot in many businesses. The sales team, the engineering team, the marketing team ­­­­­— these are all great way

Protect Your Business from USB: Un-Safe Backup

Everyone in the IT industry likes to talk about the importance of ensuring a quality data backup. We all know how vital that data is to our customers, and how losing data can cripple an otherwise flourishi

Leverage Vendors to Cash in on Cloud Sales

For MSPs wanting to sell more cloud services, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel with your marketing and sales programs. Most vendors provide some resource

Cloud BDR: The VAR’s Path to Managed Services

The cloud provides a natural, evolutionary path into managed services for IT resellers serving small and midsized businesses (SMBs). In particular, backup and disaster recovery is a great entrée into the

Tornadoes? These MSPs are Prepared

This year, the number of twisters on record is double the average for January 1 through March 15, according to the National Weather Service. In March alone, a run of tornadoes

How to Get Your Business In the Cloud

You’re a VAR, trying to crack into the cloud solutions market. You understand why the opportunity is hot but you’re not exactly sure how to make your first monthly recurring revenue (MRR) sale. After

Create Your Cloud Strategy In a Day

If you’ve dismissed the cloud as “just another marketing term” to hype the on-demand solutions that businesses have been using for more than a decade, then you’re missing the point.

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