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Mitigate Security Threats with End User Education

If it seems like a new malicious attack on computer networks of vital businesses is announced every day, it’s not your imagination: According to reports, malware volume skyrocketed in 2016–more than 800 percent when compared to 2015–and that number coninues to rise.

Assessing Your Protection Against Email Cyber Threats

If your organization is online it’s at risk, plain and simple. Cyber crooks don’t discriminate between large and small companies, public and private, for-profits and charities. To a hacker’s eye, they all represent opportunities to make a buck or make a point.

Tax Season Is Prime Time for Spear Phishers

You may not love tax season, but spear phishers certainly do: They leverage unencrypted email, poor firewalls, and general social engineering to steal taxpayers’ and organizations’ tax returns in hopes of garnering a refund and/or nonpublic information (NPI). Making matters worse is that these attacks are, in many ways, easier to wage than filing a return.

4 Things You Should Know About Phishing

Phishing campaigns come in many different shapes and sizes. Some are obvious and indiscriminate, luring only the most naive of victims (like a phish from that “long-lost uncle” who just needs your routing number to give you $100,000), while other are more sophisticated (like those from an “executive” with a big bank account or key holders to confidential company documents).

Three Questions about Online Security

When you give your personal information to a financial institution, government or insurance company, you have a certain level of trust that they will do everything in their power to keep it safe. It’s easy to forget that at the same time you’re filling out paperwork online, hackers in the dark world of cyber crime are doing everything in their power to get your information.

IT Experts Weigh in on Their Top 3 Security Concerns

We recently asked IT experts in the Spiceworks community what their top IT pain points are. We’ve ranked their top three concerns in order from least to greatest, and provided tips for how you can protect your business from them.

Want Office 365 on Your Terms?

Want Office 365 on Your Terms?

Since introducing two-tier pricing to the channel in 2013, AppRiver partners have been able to directly bill clients, sell combined offers and services, and directly provision, manage and support solutions for Office 365. But, don’t just take our word for it.

SMB Cyber Defense: The Essential Building Blocks to Protect Infrastructure

Cyber criminals are becoming far more sophisticated as technology evolves and new and better tools become available. Another disturbing trend is that attacks are increasingly more targeted and aimed specifically at smaller organizations. In fact, the threat landscape changes and evolves at such an alarming rate it has become increasingly difficult for SMBs without a dedicated IT staff to stay ahead of the threat curve.

How to Push Your Boss off of Windows Server 2003 and Move to the Cloud

By now, everyone who is remotely connected to the tech world knows that in July Microsoft is planning digital euthanasia for Windows Server 2003. Sure, life support will be available for a while–for a price. But does it really make sense to patch your old server with bubble gum and bailing wire?

How Can the Channel Use IT Security Data?

There are quite a few reputable IT security vendors that routinely publish security findings. These reports serve a rich purpose – to educate online users about cybercrime and to help resellers capitalize on your position as a trusted adviser for your clients. After all, a better understanding of today’s threat landscape can help you guide clients on how to best protect their systems.

Embrace the Cloud with AppRiver’s Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program

AppRiver, a leading provider of email messaging and Web security solutions and an original Office 365 syndicator, has announced its participation in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider Program. The program is designed to strengthen customer relationships and expand cloud sales opportunities by enabling partners to provide direct billing, sell combined offers and services, as well as directly provision, manage and support products and services.

Office 365: AppRiver Partner Program Hits the Mark

AppRiver’s popular Microsoft Office 365 productivity suite is helping channel partners capture top-line revenue, expand their service offerings and grow their cloud businesses. Since the company introduced two-tier pricing last year, it has seen a 240 percent increase in the total number of AppRiver partners engaged to sell Office 365. Revenue growth and total number of Office 365 seats sold also grew by 330 percent.

Malicious Insiders Pose Biggest Threat to Security?

The folks at AppRiver recently conducted a survey among 250 IT security professionals at Infosecurity Europe 2014. The survey revealed that 20 percent of organizations believe malicious insiders pose the biggest threat to business security. A further 44 percent suggest employees’ ignorance could also cause defenses to crumble.

Email Threats: A Thing of the Past?

There is no doubt cybercriminals continue to use personal and rented botnets to pump the Internet full of unwanted advertisements for fake or knock-off products, but its effectiveness as a money-making device is dwindling. Now in the cyber underbelly, email has turned from mischievous to outright malicious, with campaigns once utilizing trickery to fool recipients into spending money to simply taking it.

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