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Allison Francis is a writer, public relations and marketing communications professional with experience working with clients in industries such as business technology, telecommunications, healthcare, education, the trade show and meetings industry, travel/tourism, hospitality, consumer packaged goods and food/beverage. She specializes in working with B2B technology companies involved in hyper-converged infrastructure, managed IT services, business process outsourcing, cloud management and customer experience technologies. Allison holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations and marketing from Drake University. An Iowa native, she resides in Dallas, Texas.

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Channel Changes: Who’s Going Where?

The end of summer has brought about a flurry of activity and leadership changes across the channel. The VAR Guy pinned down the latest executive movements and to tell you who you need to know. Read on to get the scoop.

5 Cybersecurity Reports Channel Companies Should Know

Every other day, a new company, research firm or industry analyst publishes another report on the security landscape. It's important to have at the very least a high-level understanding of the biggest cybersecurity vulnerabilities, but who has time to read through hundreds of pages of research to find the truly important nuggets hidden within? You probably don't, but we do. The VAR Guy did the reading for you and pulled out the key takeaways from five recently released security manifestos. 

Security Central: Eight U.S. Banks Join Forces to Fight Cybercrime, Millions of Cars Susceptible to Remote Hacker Hijinks

The financial sector is one of the most targeted industries for cyber-attacks and breaches, ranking third in the lineup just behind the healthcare and manufacturing industries. This week, big banks decided that they’ve had enough. Eight of the U.S.’s largest banks are joining financial forces and are forming a group designed to tackle issues and security vulnerabilities concerning institutions of their size.

Healthcare Industry Can’t Seem to Cure the Cyber-Attack Plague

It is a story you hear all too often these days. Industries and organizations of all sizes that still use legacy operating systems and have outdated security and defense structures are falling prey to increasingly advanced and stealthy cyber-attack techniques.

Hacker Wisdom: Top Three Takeaways from Black Hat 2016

Another year, another slew of insight and advice from hackers and cybersecurity professionals alike at the Black Hat conference. Here are the top three takeaways from this year's gathering in Sin City.

Black hat hacker

New Cisco Report Reveals Vulnerabilities to Ransomware

In the world of cybersecurity, experts are constantly working to find ways to bulk up defenses and foil attackers, fighting the good fight to ensure the safety and protection of our most sensitive data. Despite some recent encouraging developments, optimistic projections and new methods to effectively protect against ransomware, Cisco’s newly released 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report (MCR) may have put a bit of a damper on things.

Survey: IT Admins Struggle to Securely Navigate the Digital Transformation

Organizations across the globe are recognizing the direction the world is moving and are jumping to adopt key technologies in order to transform their business and drive growth. With these digital transformations comes a new and unique set of security challenges and risks, making IT decision-makers and security teams a vital part of the process. Or so you’d think.

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