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With LinuxKit, Docker Learns to Love Open Source Once Again

Thanks to Docker and LinuxKit, Linux and open source are closer to conquering the world than ever—sort of. Here's how Docker hopes to use LinuxKit, a new Linux Foundation project, to sneak Linux into Windows servers, Mac laptops and even IoT devices.

Docker announced LinuxKit earlier this month at DockerCon in Austin. LinuxKit is a set of tools for building a Linux subsystem that can run inside a container.

Five Ways Open Source Software Can Benefit MSPs

Five Ways Open Source Software Can Benefit MSPs

Open source software means programs whose source code is freely shared and can be viewed by anyone. Access to source code facilitates modification of the programs and provides users with other freedoms not available from closed-source software.

The VAR Guy's 2016 Gift Guide

Throughout this year, there have been a few things cool things I’ve experienced that for one reason or another didn’t make it to the site–usually because they weren’t directly related to channel IT. But it’s the holidays, and in the spirit of sharing gift ideas, I’ve reviewed them for you here.

How Digital Technology Changed Presidential Politics

How Digital Technology Changed Presidential Politics

Would Lincoln have been elected in the age of Facebook? Would Woodward and Bernstein have been credited with toppling the Nixon administration if WikiLeaks had been a thing? How would Reagan have navigated the Cold War if he’d had to deal with cyberterrorism?

Open Source Hardware: What It Means and Why It Matters

You've heard of open source software. But what about open source hardware? Here's an overview of what open source hardware is, what the challenges are and why open hardware is poised to grow in importance as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to boom.

Q&A with Chris Kenton: How Can Channel Partners Navigate the Digital Marketing Landscape?

Since the emergence of the digital world, marketing has become a whole new ballgame. Social media, online advertising and content marketing are just some of the concepts that business owners are expected to be proficient in today. The buyer's journey has changed, we've heard, but what does that mean? And what are overwhelmed SMBs supposed to do about it?