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Microsoft: Serving Up More Open Source

You know how little things happen all around you and you’re not really sure what it all means or how/if they are connected?  And then one day the pieces all fall together and you have that OMG moment? That happened to me when reading about the MIX09 conference. I suddenly realize that Microsoft is finding […]

How to Go International With Channel Partners

In today’s economy companies often cutback and retrench in order to weather the storm. However this is actually a great time to make smart strategic investments that strengthen your current operations and propel you forward when the economy recovers. Investing in international partners is one smart way to expand outside your current base. Here’ how. […]

A Successful Partner Program Shouldn't Be A Guessing Game

I’ve seen my share of  ill conceived and  ineffective partner programs and I’ve often wondered why that is the case. As discussed a few weeks ago in “The Secret to A Successful Partner Program,” one of the basic elements of any successful partnership is creating a win-win relationship. But how do you know what is […]

In A Recession, Do You Need Channel Partners?

During the recession — as direct sales teams work overtime to close deals — I am sure many high-tech companies have asked themselves: “Why have channel partners?” While it is a valid question that elicits lots of healthy debate, there is really only one right answer – it’s the revenue.

Open Source Partner Channels: Critical But Different

Now that we’ve launched The Open Source 50, I’ll help readers to explore, question, and understand how open source is changing the world of partner programs and channels as we know it today — and most importantly how we all adapt and continue to grow. What made a good partner program before may not make […]

Did Microsoft Pick the Wrong Unified Communications Partner?

As Nortel Networks continues to struggle, The VAR Guy is starting to wonder: Did Microsoft bet on the wrong unified communications partner? Sure, Microsoft works with multiple networking companies — including Cisco Systems. But the software giant’s most strategic unified communications partner is Nortel — a company facing yet another fiscal crisis.

Microsoft Unified Communications Attracts 2,500 Partners

At Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, most folks are focused on Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) strategy. But here’s a quick fact from the event that caught The VAR Guy’s ear: More than 2,500 Microsoft partners have achieved the “Unified Communications Solutions” competency. Should Cisco Systems be worried? First, let’s put things in […]

Making Money with Managed Services

It wasn’t long ago that adopting managed services was a considered to be a pretty scary proposition. You had to build a NOC (whatever a NOC is – but we will leave that to another discussion), spend $50,000 (U.S. dollars) or more on software, turn your business upside down (or go out of business in […]

Five Microsoft Moves Worth Watching

Microsoft is busy articulating its server, software and managed services strategies at the company’s big partner conference this week in Denver. Here are five Microsoft moves worth noting, and their potential impact on VARs. 1. Server Initiatives: Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 are taking center stage at the event. To […]