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Application Delivery Network

ADC Market in Transition: A Sign of the Times

The modern data center is evolving with the uptake of cloud computing, containers and virtual machines. So is the application delivery controller market. Partners need to know what new challenges their customers face and understand the product landscape in order to provide the solutions that they need.

Living in a VMware Universe

Coming off the VMworld 2015 conference this month it’s fairly apparent that VMware (VMW) is still firmly in control of the traditional enterprise data center. Despite nascent threats to supremacy in the form of OpenStack and Docker containers for the foreseeable future VMware appears to be firmly rooted at the center of the virtual IT universe.

The Coming of Infrastructure as Code

Vendors today are talking about turning infrastructure into code as part of an effort to give developers more control over how their applications function on IT infrastructure. MSPs will need to evolve to add value at the application level.

ADCs Provide Hybrid Cloud Control

Once IT organizations fully embrace cloud computing services it’s not too long before they start looking for an application delivery controller (ADC) to help manage resource allocation across all the applications running on a particular cloud.

Appcito Bolsters Cloud Security

Appcito has rolled out an update to its application delivery controller for the cloud that adds a raft of new security capabilities.

Delivering Network Services via the Cloud

Solution providers should be looking for new ways to deliver IT services via the cloud that actually transform how they are delivered. Case in point is Appcito, which this week announced that it is making its application delivery controller (ADC) available on the Microsoft Azure cloud.