5 Tips: Leveraging the Demo for BDR Sales

5 Tips: Leveraging the Demo for BDR Sales

dattoianThe turning point in the backup and disaster recovery (BDR) services sales process may very well come with a well-executed demo. A good demo shows (rather than tells) the advantages of leveraging your company's product or service. Need a brush up course on deliver and good BDR demo? Disaster recovery (DR) and intelligent business continuity (IBC) solutions vendor Datto reviewed the secrets to presenting the perfect BDR demo on its blog. Here's what you need to know.

Datto Product Manager Ian McChord (pictured) noted that the perfect demo can lead to more than just a sale. "In my experience, a perfect product demo can not only lead to a sale, but it can also establish realistic customer expectations for the business relationship," he said.

The following five tips are should get you and your sales team ready to deliver the perfect BDR demo:

  • sell the demo -- Get the potential customers to attend a product demo. If they accept the invitation, they are more than likely willing to hear an offer for the product. McChord said scheduling frequent demos is a proven method to increasing sales;
  • tailor the demo for the potential customer -- Generic demos are a big no-no. "Just like a good suit, a demo must fit the client perfectly," McChord said. Present demos to non-technical business owners in a way they can understand, leaving out the technical jargon;
  • be knowledgeable -- "It's extremely important that you know your stuff!" he said. Potential customers will ask many questions. Be prepared by knowing everything there is to know about the product;
  • lights, cameras, action -- Express facts accurately and clearly. If you don't know the answer to a question, say so. It's better to find the correct answer than provide an incorrect one. Product demos should be thirty minutes or less, leaving room for any questions;
  • let's make a deal -- End your presentation with a "soft sell" pitch. Remember, pricing is the final obstacle. Do not discuss pricing before the demo. Potential customers may judge your product too early.
"Product demos are effective in the BDR industry because seeing is believing," McChord said. "Some end-users may have a hard time understanding the technology. Physically bringing them through the process of your solution can be helpful."
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