Top 100 Cloud Services Providers List 2012: Ranked 80 to 71

Welcome to the Top 100 Cloud Services Provider (CSP) list for 2012. Also known as the Talkin' Cloud 100, this portion of the CSP list covers cloud computing companies ranked 80 to 71.

80. Agosto Inc. Minneapolis, MN, USA: The Google Apps consulting firm has been pushing into Canada.  Top Exec: Aric Bandy, CEO

79. Nomadesk Inc., Austin, TX, USA: Nomadesk promotes secure file sharing services via the cloud. Top Exec: Darren Trumeter, CEO

78. Promevo, Erlanger, KY, USA: Promevo balances relationships with Google, IBM and Microsoft, while leveraging open source in its integration and cloud business practices. Top Exec: Aaron Gumz, Managing Partner

77. Onyx Group, Portrack Interchange Business Park, Stockton-on-Tees, UK: Onyx is growing revenues by focusing on business continuity and disaster recovery solutions. Top Exec: Neil Stephenson, CEO

76. Eforcers S.A., Bogota, Colombia: The company built its business on Google Apps migrations. Top Exec: Alejandra Cifuentes, CEO

75. Onix Networking, Lakewood, OH, USA: The Google Apps solutions provider focuses on government customers. Top Exec: Tim Needles, CEO

74. Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd., Manchester, UK: A Google Apps partner in Europe, Cloud Technology Solutions focuses on Google Chromebooks for business and education customers. Top Exec: Steve Kaye, CEO

73. Projector PSA Inc., Boston, MA, USA: Projector PSA develops SaaS-based professional services automation (PSA) applications for IT consultants and other types of services industries.  Top Exec: Lawrence Krakauer, President

72. Lanlogic Inc, Livermore, CA, USA: A growing presence in the San Francisco Bay Area, Lanlogic blends an EMC SAN with traditional hosted applications like Exchange. Top Exec: Art Closson, President

71. IT Solutions Consulting, Inc. Fort Washington, PA, USA: The company's NearCloud offering blends cloud computing with local IT support. IT Solutions Consulting also is a perennial MSPmentor 100 company.
Top Exec: Ted Swanson, CEO

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