Top 100 Cloud Services Providers List 2012: Ranked 100 to 91

Welcome to the Top 100 Cloud Services Provider (CSP) list for 2012. Also known as the Talkin' Cloud 100, this portion of the CSP list covers cloud computing companies ranked 100 to 91.

100. TOGL LLC, Las Vegas, NV, USA: TOGL has been promoting a range of small business cloud services through MSPs and resellers. The company works closely with MokaFive on VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). Top Exec: David Bennett, President.

99. Worldlan Technology, Medina, OH, USA: Worldlan has been extending its healthcare and HIPAA compliance expertise into the cloud and EMR (Electronic Media Records) markets. Top Exec: Randy Hall, President

98. Information Technology Solutions, Saint Petersburg, FL, USA: A Microsoft Small Business Specialist that has successfully moved into the Office 365 cloud market. Top Exec: Eric Long, CEO

97. Agile IT, San Diego, CA, USA: A close Microsoft partner, Agile IT has been expanding its consulting practices around Office 365 and Windows Azure. Top Exec: John Gilham, Principal Consultant & CEO

96. FSM Marketing Group Inc., Plainfield, IL, USA: FSM is keenly focused on the secure email market, with an emphasis on cloud-based security services. Top Exec: Frank Muto, President

95. Integral Networks, Rocklin, CA, USA: Also known as iNet, the company is blending hosted desktops, backup, managed cloud and co-location services for customers. Top Exec: Bryan Badger CEO

94. F12 Networks Inc., Edmonton, AB, Canada: One of Canada's top MSPs, F12 Networks has offered cloud services since 2006. Also a member of Microsoft's Cloud Accelerate partner program. Top Exec: Alex Webb, CEO

93. BCG Systems, Akron, OH, USA: BCG has a laser-like focus on SaaS consulting services for NetSuite, Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics CRM. Top Exec: Mark Goodson, President

92. LightBound, Indianapolis, IN, USA: The data center provider has launched a branded cloud storage service called CloudBound. Watch for continued moves in the hosted VoIP/PBX market as well. Top Exec: Jack Carr, President

91. Uptime Systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA: The company pushed beyond IT consulting to introduced national cloud hosting and managed services, including virtual desktop hosting. Top Exec: Dennis Dimka, Managing Director

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