Yahoo and Navisite Cloud Exec Joins StrataScale as President

Yahoo and Navisite Cloud Exec Joins StrataScale as President

StrataScale, which promotes cloud and hybrid hosting services, has hired James Fanella as president. It's a big move for the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company. Fanella has held key posts at Yahoo (YHOO), NaviSite and Sun Microsystems, and many of his positions have involved industry alliances.

Translation: Based on his reputation for partnering, it's a safe bet Fanella will continue to strengthen StrataScale's cloud partner program -- which includes affiliate, certified and branded partners.

Fanella reports to StrataScale CEO Yatish Mishra. In a prepared statement, Mishra said Fanella's "extensive experience in strategic planning, sales, services delivery and executive management, along with his strong understanding of the cloud services market, prepares him to make an immediate contribution to our company.”

StrataScale is a wholly owned subsidiary of RagingWire Enterprise Solutions, a data center services provider in Sacramento. StrataScale's partner network includes MSPs, game developers, IT integrators and SaaS companies.

StrataScale is expected to officially announce Fanella's appointment sometime on March 28. But the StrataScale management web page already mentions Fanella's name so we took this blog entry live.

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