Want to Be A Google Apps Reseller? MSPexcellence Offers Help

Want to Be A Google Apps Reseller? MSPexcellence Offers Help

How can VARs and MSPs succeed as Google Apps resellers? MSPexcellence, a consulting firm for MSPs and emerging cloud solutions providers, is eager to assist.

Indeed, MSPexcellence is introducing tools and services that assist Google Apps Resellers in building a CSP business. Naturally, the CSP effort leverages Google Apps for Business and cloud services from the Google Apps Marketplace.

According to as prepared statement from MSPexcellence:

"The MSPexcellence Cloud Solutions Provider Program takes the Google Apps Reseller through a progression of business-building blueprints for establishing and scaling a CSP business and features a Virtual Peer Group that provides a discussion forum for applying strategies and best practices."

The effort includes a:

  • Go-To-Market Blueprint for market planning and business modeling tools;

  • Service Pricing Blueprint for pricing and packing a cloud solutions portfolio;

  • Sales Process Blueprint for managing everything from lead generation to customer acquisition

  • Performance Management Blueprint to track 15 performance metrics for growing a recurring revenue business.

MSPexcellence is promoting the training program as a 12-month subscription that costs $1,995 annually. I've never worked directly with MSPexcellence, but the company has been working in and around the MSP market for two or so years now (at least). Partner and Co-founder Todd Hussey is a familiar face at many of the major MSP-centric conferences, and I do know he's worked with a range of MSPs and IT vendors on consulting engagements. Also of note: Google Apps SMB Channel Lead Jeff Ragusa was quoted in the MSPexcellence news announcement, a solid indicator that Google believes in MSPexcellence's consulting methodology.

Google Apps Script Plus IT Consulting

Ragusa, meanwhile, has been candid when describing recurring revenue opportunities for VARs and MSPs working with Google Apps. On the one hand, he concedes that most VARs and MSPs can't live on Google Apps recurring revenue -- which generates about $10 per user per year for channel partners. But on the other hand, Ragusa has recommended that Google Apps Authorized Resellers focus on Google Apps Script, which allows channel partners to integrate multiple cloud services into a single, custom solution.

And don't forget: A lot of Google Apps Authorized Resellers don't focus on recurring revenues as their primary revenue opportunity. For instance, Cloud Sherpas -- one of the largest, most successful Google Apps channel partners -- seems to spend most of its time on consulting, migration and training services. Recurring revenue seems to be the gravy rather than the meat and potatoes of the Cloud Sherpas business.

Still, many VARs and MSPs are looking for first-step guidance into the Google Apps reseller market. MSPexcellence hopes to assist that effort.
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