Desktone Trademarks Desktop as a Service and DaaS

Desktone Trademarks Desktop as a Service and DaaS

desktone-desktop-as-a-service-daas-virtualization1At the VMworld trade show in San Francisco, The VAR Guy stumbled onto this rather interesting virtualization tidbit: Desktone, a startup from Chelmsford, Mass., has trademarked the terms Desktop as a Service and DaaS. Smart moves. Er, very smart moves. Here's why.

Frankly, everywhere The VAR Guy turns he's hearing about "desktop virtualization" and "something as a service" ... as in...

  • Software as a Service
  • Storage as a Service
  • Security as a Service
  • Video as a Service
And now... Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Desktone apparently has gained first mover advantage by trademarking both Desktop as a Service and DaaS. According to Desktone:
"Desktops as a service (DaaS) specifically describes an outsourced subscription service for server-hosted desktops powered by the Desktone Virtual-D Platform[TM] and delivered by Desktone-certified service provider partners."
Do Desktone and DaaS work as advertised? The VAR Guy has no idea. But the company's trademarks sound pretty darn compelling as buzz continues to build for cloud and SaaS systems tied to desktop virtulization. A recent case in point: Certeon today announced a desktop virtualization push that involves managed service providers and mentions Desktone by name.

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