Synnex Varnex 2011: Top 5 Distribution Trends to Consider

The VAR Guy, in Las Vegas? Again? Of course he is. This time, our resident blogger will be shacking up at the swanky Cosmopolitan for Synnex's distribution event, Varnex. What does The VAR Guy expect to encounter -- in the way of channels news, that is? The top five trends are coming up ...

The VAR Guy has pored over the Varnex agenda, and it boils down to this:

  • Partnerships: Are you getting the most of your distribution relationship? The VAR Guy suspects a few keynote presentations to be about how much Synnex can do for you and how to best leverage services to grow business.
  • The Cloud: You really can't escape it, cloud is everywhere. The VAR Guy fully expects the cloud to be a major focus at Varnex, in both the distribution angle and vendors who are pushing their cloud-based solutions.
  • Mobility: The cloud and mobile device management go hand in hand, so The VAR Guy will have his eyes open on how both Synnex and other vendors are shifting their efforts to deal with the influx of consumer tablets and mobile phones.
  • UC and Print: The agenda for our resident blogger has a few highlights that include vendors focusing on the UC space and managed print space. The VAR Guy will take an inventory of what types of UC and print solutions are available, and what key areas these solutions are focused on. Is it UC in the cloud, or virtualized in the data center? Is managed print expanding, potentially making it easier for VARs to add?
  • Vertical Markets: All major distribution companies have a focus on the vertical markets, and Synnex is no exception. Our resident blogger will check out what partner sentiment is about vertical opportunities and what Synnex (and other vendors) are doing to provide their partners with tools and packages that make breaking into, or maintaining "stickiness," inside a vertical a smooth process.
The VAR Guy will be at Varnex Nov. 13-16, so leave any questions for him right in the comments.
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