Should A CEO Publicly Slam His Sales Team?

Imagine if your boss told the world you're lazy ... a slacker ... someone who doesn't work as hard as your industry peers. That's the situation unfolding at Compuware, where CEO Peter Karmanos apparently slammed his sales staff during a call with Wall Street analysts.

Compuware, the IT services provider, disclosed that 1Q revenue will be about 8 percent short of Wall Street's expectations. In an attempt to explain the situation, Karmanos said "we have a group of salespeople that don't work really hard. You can't win in this business until you understand it's a 50- to 60-hour work week," according to

Ouch. The VAR Guy sometimes puts in those types of hours. But it's rare for a CEO to say that type of effort must be the norm across the company. Compuware is now in a lose-lose situation. Wall Street isn't happy. And the company won't likely land on any "best places to work" lists anytime soon. Sounds like considerable changes are just around the corner.

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