Carl J Mazzanti founder and CEO of eMazzanti Technologies

Carl J. Mazzanti, founder and CEO of eMazzanti Technologies

Partner Marketing Done Right: eMazzanti Technologies

Partner Marketing Done Right is The VAR Guy’s chance to give a shout-out to some of the best and brightest marketing efforts in the channel.

For many solution providers, marketing is considered a major pain point, not high on their list of priorities. It's not something they particularly enjoy doing, yet most know they should. And for many, it's not something they know how to do effectively, yet they know the value of a good marketing plan.

We understand. That's why we've starting a series spotlighting solution providers that are doing marketing right. Partner Marketing Done Right is The VAR Guy’s chance to give a shout-out to some of the best and brightest marketing efforts in the channel and give readers insight into successful marketing strategies for their business.

In our first profile, we take a look at the efforts of Carl Mazzanti, founder and CEO of eMazzanti Technologies, a New Jersey-based IT consulting service specializing in computer network management, managed print services, troubleshooting and more.

Mazzanti has spent more than a decade in the IT field, and is a frequent conference speaker and contributor at Microsoft (MSFT) events. Under his leadership, eMazzanti Technologies was honored with the 2012 Microsoft Worldwide Partner of the Year award and nominated as a finalist for the distinction in 2013.

TVG: What type and how much marketing does eMazzanti Technologies do in an average month?

Mazzanti: Marketing is a motion and never stops. So eMazzanti Technologies markets always and daily.

TVG: What has been the most successful method of marketing for your company?

Mazzanti: Emails and keeping in touch [with customers] is our best single effort. The goal is to have multiple touches to each customer, prospect and contact. The end result is better service and engagement.

TVG: How do you measure the success of your marketing efforts?

Mazzanti: We measure our success by the fact that customers keep coming back for more and are educated about what we do before the conversation (verbal or email) starts.

TVG: Do you have an in-house marketing program or do you outsource?

Mazzanti: Wherever possible we have grown our own internal team, but like most consulting firms we see the value in bringing in experts to fill in our gaps.

TVG: What advice would you have for VARs/solution providers that don’t have a regular marketing program in place?

Mazzanti: When there is no ability to market, focus on your partners and customers for referrals. This is the lowest cost and highest return on effort. Your customers will like you more and your vendors will help you deliver better service. All around a great strategy.

If your organization has a particularly interesting marketing strategy, email VAR Guy Associate Editor Michael Cusanelli at [email protected], and he’ll ping you with an email as soon as he can.

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