Memo to HP CEO Meg Whitman: You Just Earned My Respect

The VAR Guy asked HP CEO Meg Whitman a direct question: What assurances can you give partners and customers that Hewlett-Packard (NYSE: HPQ) finally has the right leadership, and that a long-term leadership plan for the company is place? Whitman provided a point-blank direct answer -- in front of thousands of channel partners at HP Global Partner Conference. The VAR Guy was impressed. Here's what Whitman said.

First, Whitman said she is committed to leading HP for the long-haul as CEO and she will see the company's turnaround through its completion.

Second, Whitman said the next HP CEO -- when that time finally comes -- must come from within HP.

It was a heck of a moment. A CEO basically guaranteeing continued leadership -- featuring company insiders -- for the long haul. And Whitman made the statement on a public stage in front of thousands of partners.

Memo to Meg Whitman: You just earned my respect. And you adressed a key lingering question that many partners, customers and investors surely had on their minds. Impressive.

Of course, the next big challenge is HP's earnings call on Feb. 21. The VAR Guy will be listening...

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