Lenovo Goes 3D With IdeaPad Notebook

Lenovo is unleashing the IdeaPad Y560d as their first 3D laptop. It features a 3D display unique for multimedia, and comes with software and one pair of glasses. What's the deal with the 3D craze, and can it help the common VAR? Read on...

The 15.6 inch laptop is as typical as you might expect, complete with SSD and HDD solutions, Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience and all the bells and whistles you'd want from a mid- to high-end consumer laptop, including some special performance tweaks for Blu-ray and video cards.

But Lenovo has a trick up their sleeve.

Lenovo is calling the technology TriDef 3-D technology built in, which has the ability to turn 2D videos and photos into a 3D experience. Although this is a consumer-based technology, it's got some serious potential in the working world as far as helping people visualize things more realistically.

Consumer devices often leak over in the enterprise, and something like this 3D mobile tech (which happens to be reasonably priced) would be perfect for the medical field. 2D X-Rays and CAT scan images could be bumped up to a more realistic 3D, and even VARs working with businesses who need to show a visualization of a network or a new data center structure could potentially use this technology to sell the product.

Is it a pipe dream, though, or untapped potential? Let us know.

You can get your hands on the IdeaPad Y560d laptop by the end of June, and it's priced around $1,199.99.

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