max-banner-1168GFI MAX™ delivers an easy, affordable solution for IT support providers, VARs and MSPs who are looking to take better care of their clients at less cost. With GFI MAX you will be able to monitor your clients’ RAID arrays, remote offices, ISP connection, bandwidth usage, their website, and their server. In short, GFI MAX helps you monitor the key parts of your clients’ ‘whole system’ that cause the most grief – and alert you proactively so you can take better care of your clients, at an affordable price.

GFI MAX helps all kinds of IT Support Companies deliver Managed Services, and revenue generating IT Support Services for break-fix and support bank customers too. Today, over 1,700 IT Support Companies and Managed Service Providers are building recurring revenues and delivering best-of-breed IT Support the easy way - with GFI MAX.

By concentrating on the key issues that cause support companies the most hassle, GFI MAX takes a common sense approach to IT Support, providing the essential Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools at only a fraction of the effort and expense of other more bloated systems.

Provide Total IT Systems Support with GFI MAX

  • Network, Server and Workstation Monitoring
  • Asset and Inventory Tracking and Reporting
  • User and Server Maintenance Remote Support
  • Patch Management
  • Client Reporting

Managed Services Made Easy with GFI MAX – Evolution not Revolution

At GFI Software, we understand that selling recurring, profitable services to your clients can be a challenge. We help our customers identify a clear, straight-forward path to developing, pricing and delivering Managed Services that generate a profit while delivering best-of-breed services.

Rather than ask our customers to take on the huge risks involved in business transformation, we believe that in today’s climate it’s much more sensible to take an ‘Evolutionary not Revolutionary’ approach. We work with customers to identify key managed service opportunities, evaluate the costs of delivering those services, add some easy-to-use and affordable technology that keeps costs down and profits up.

GFI Helping You Build Managed Services Revenues

GFI MAX’s Channel Management Services team has an in-depth knowledge of what it takes to make your IT support business successful. With current, cutting insights into Managed Services best-practices, they can provide you with the programs, resources and support you need to evolve your business from break-fix to Managed Services.

You will get a pay-only-for-what-you use, cancel-anytime contract and a Managed Services program that will help you evolve some of your services so that they begin to generate recurring, profitable revenue streams at your pace.

GFI Really is Easy

  • Affordable – costs just pennies/cents per day.
  • Effective – the key features that you need to deliver a better service at less cost.
  • Risk-Free – Try Before You Buy and cancel-anytime service.
  • Intuitive – no training required so you’re up and running fast.
  • Easy – it takes just 10 minutes to set-up.
GFI MAX has grown fast by offering IT Support companies its common sense approach to monitoring and managing their clients. The GFI MAX system is used in over 18 countries worldwide. Sign up for your FREE 30 day trial today!
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