Do VARs and MSPs Really Need Executive Coaches?

Executive coaching within the IT channel has been a hot-button topic lately. But do VARs and MSPs really need coaches? Or is coaching a waste of time and money for small business solutions providers? Before you answer consider these insights from Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

First, a little background: The VAR Guy respects many executive coaches but he also thinks the coaching hype is getting a bit loud in the IT channel. During the recent CompTIA Breakaway conference, a few dozens coaches gathered to kick around ideas on how the IT coaching profession may evolve. Paul Dippell of Service Leadership Inc. led the session.

Now, back to the central question: Do VARs and MSPs really need coaches? Sometimes The VAR Guy is skeptical... But this video, featuring Google CEO Eric Schmidt, really pinpoints why everyone -- even the best of the best -- may need an external coach or mentor:

A tip of the hat to Mitch York of e2e Coaching. The VAR Guy spotted the Schmidt video on York's website.

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