Citrix Hopes to Spur Xen Acceptance with Xen Summit 2011

Xen Summit 2011 is almost upon us, and this year vendor sponsor Citrix is pulling out all the stops to bring vendors into the Xen ecosystem. It's taking place Aug. 2 and 3 in Citrix's brand new conference center. Naturally, The VAR Guy has the highlights ...

Citrix says the event will be "rotat[ing] between sponsoring companies," as Amazon, HP, Intel and even the National Security Agency will be there with their best and brightest working in the open source realm. Heavy emphasis will be placed on the future of the Xen technology and its ecosystem, along with a smattering of Xen-installation success stories. Xen Summit 2011's agenda specifically will focus on ways to push Xen deeper into the burgeoning virtualization, mobile solutions and -- of course -- the all-important cloud markets.

The VAR Guy was interested in the lineup of guest speakers and vendors slated to be at the event (listed on Citrix's press page), with Citrix's CEO Mark Templeton's opening keynote kicking off the event. Some of the more interesting speakers include Citrx's own Ewan Mellor on OpenStack and cloud, in addition to Samsung's Sang-bum Suh, who will talk about running Xen on ARM CPUs. The VAR Guy finds the prospect of mobile virtualization tantalizing.

While Xen Summit will focus on the many ways Xen can proliferate into the tech industry, our resident blogger hopes there also will be a focus on ways Xen can compete and differentiate with its competition. Even though Citrix provides a solid momentum for Xen, VMware's brand recognition and portfolio is expansive and domineering. That's not even including Microsoft's Hyper-V and related virtualization products, plus Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization offerings. But even amid hot competition, The VAR Guy believes the summit will spotlight Xen's enhancements and new Xen solutions in such as way that the technology with find an easier path to the channel.

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