Blog Spammers Attack The VAR Guy

Email spam is yesterday's news. These days, The VAR Guy is struggling to protect this Web site from blog spam: Fake, automated comments from phantom readers. The comments typically include embedded links that lead readers to fraudulent remote sites. Our spam filter has blocked more than 15,000 fraudulent comments from being posted on this site since March. Unfortunately, The VAR Guy has noticed that the spammers are getting smarter and the pace of attacks is increasing.

In recent days, the amount of spam this site receives has increased dramatically. Most of the blog spam involves male performance enhancement information (how's that for creative wording...), stock tips and hair growth formulas. (Alas, The VAR Guy's bald spot continues to grow.)

This site now receives about 250 pieces of blog spam per day. Our automated spam filter blocks about 240 of these comments from getting posted. Wonderful. But what about those other 10 fake comments per day? The VAR Guy has to manually remove them daily.

That's not so bad for a small (but growing) web site. But imagine the amount of fraudulent spam comments posted to big message boards hosted by Google Finance, Yahoo Finance, (forgive the shameless plug for our editor-in-chief's financial blog) and the like.

Back in January 2004, Bill Gates predicted spam problems would be wiped out by 2006. But like a virus that continually mutates, spam continues to plague us. And in this case, it's personally attacking The VAR Guy.

Perhaps our resident blogger should feel flattered now that this site has grown popular enough to face increased attacks from spammers. Forgive The VAR Guy if he doesn't celebrate his niche popularity. He's too busy patrolling our comment boards and blowing away spam.

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