AMD Fusion Developer Summit: Three Questions Worth Asking

The VAR Guy is on the road again, this time on the left coast at the inaugural AMD Fusion Developer Summit in Bellevue, Wash. During his six-plus hours on a WiFi-less flight (hey Delta, what gives?) with little to do but get caught up on the latest DVD releases and win at Scrabble for iPad, our resident blogger had lots of time to start thinking about where AMD – and its channel – are headed.

With that in mind, here are three questions The VAR Guy will be sure to follow up on:

  1. What is AMD doing to counter rival Intel? It’s a cat-and-mouse game Intel and AMD have played for years, and with Intel’s Atom CPU making its mark in the tablet space, can AMD’s APU line find equal, if not greater, success?
  2. Where’s the channel in AMD’s plans? It’s been two years since AMD completely revamped its channel program, and three months since its latest tweaks, so The VAR Guy would be remiss if he didn’t ask this question. A chat with AMD Vice President of Worldwide Channel Marketing David Kenyon should provide some much-needed insight.
  3. What technology goodies can we expect? Is the desktop still relevant in AMD’s plans, given the focus on mobility of late? Our resident blogger wouldn’t put it past AMD to show there’s still some life left in the desktop realm, while also forging ahead into newer technologies.

The VAR Guy is eager to hear what AMD has planned for itself and its channel partners as we collectively move into this brave, new world of alternative computing. Meanwhile, our resident blogger is in the land of Really Good Coffee, and so he’s going to take full advantage of that.

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