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5 Supercharged IoT Trends and What to Do About Them

2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the Internet of Things, says an Ovum analyst. Here's how to take advantage of the most important IoT trends.

This year is shaping up to be a big one for the Internet of Things. Ovum analyst Alexandra Rehak provides five key trends to watch in IoT.

1. Licensed spectrum low-power wireless access (LPWA) technologies are hitting their stride in 2017, following the standardization of several licensed spectrum LPWA technologies in 2016. Combined with the ongoing deployment of unlicensed LPWA networks, this should open up IoT opportunities to a host of new industries and enable applications in new domains due to the lower cost of LPWA deployment.

2. Service providers are focusing on diversifying their connectivity offerings to meet varied client needs. Another benefit: developer outreach, although telcos face plenty of competition in executing on this.

3. IoT security has become a rallying cry for enterprise and consumers. Data, network and device security issues, while a perennial concern for enterprises, are becoming a much more salient issue for both organizations and consumers as more IoT devices are deployed, and the vulnerability of a broad, distributed, and heterogeneous network of connected devices becomes apparent.

4. Big data and machine learning are helping to fuel IoT adoption. The value of IoT data will start to be realized in 2017 in more ways than one. In the same way that security solutions for IoT need to be more distributed, we are also seeing a shift to enabling processing and analytics at the IoT network edge, minimizing the need to transport large amounts of data back to the network core before triggering an action or alert.

5. IoT will drive new as-a-service business models. Early adopters will explore how best to make use of their IoT data, and use big data ane AI tools to support the development of new, transformational IoT business models.

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(This article originally appeared on Internet of Things Institute.)

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