14-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur: 5 Things He Can Teach You

14-Year-Old Tech Entrepreneur: 5 Things He Can Teach You

Michael Weymouth is CEO of TechWizard, a technology consulting firm on Long Island. The big twist: He's 14 years old. So what can a junior geek, speaking at CompTIA Breakaway 2012, teach technology entrepreneurs about sales, marketing, business development, branding, consulting and customer support? Plenty.

Check out The VAR Guy's FastChat Video (below right).

[youtube width="300" height="252"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEH2F0bL9yk[/youtube]

(Also on stage: CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux, CompTIA Chairman and ChannelEyes CEO Bob Godgart, and CompTIA Honoree Brant Backes.)

Listen closely and take a look at Weymouth's website and you'll find tips for mastering:

1. Branding: Weymouth used crowd-sourcing -- that is, suggestions from his classmates -- to develop a company logo. Now, he's even got Logo Wear.

2. Paid Consulting Expertise: So many VARs give away their advice and time, then charge for products. Wrong model. The right approach: Weymouth charges for his consulting advice: $35 for product research, and $30 to complete a product purchase.

3. Finding a Niche: Plenty of VARs think about small business opportunities. Weymouth thinks about the nano-business niche, serving the consumer market -- even offering personal shopping support for $25/hour.

4. Transparency: Weymouth is fully transparent with his clientele, publishing all of his pricing here. His website also includes a clear legal disclaimer.

5. Business Professional Social Media: Yes, Weymouth has a twitter handle (@LITechWizard). Perhaps more importantly, he's a master at networking through the media -- which surely drives more customer leads and revenue his way.

Also, notice his stage presence at CompTIA Breakaway? Suit and tie all the way.

At age 14, Weymouth is dressed for success -- and seems to be enjoying plenty of it.

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