The VAR Guy Poll: Cloud Computing, Open Source a Good Team

The VAR Guy Poll: Cloud Computing, Open Source a Good Team

We take a look at the results of the latest The VAR Guy survey, where we asked you to tell us what you think of the future of open source platforms and cloud computing.

In our most recent The VAR Guy poll, we asked you whether you thought open source would take on a larger role in cloud computing. Based on reader responses, it looks as though open source has a bright future in the cloud computing sphere.

Based on reader responses, nearly three-quarters of respondents feel open source software is the way to go with cloud services. A whopping 68 percent of readers said open source makes the most sense for use with cloud services, which could be due to the fact that cloud computing is such a widespread trend throughout the industry. Think of it this way: With so many users working off of cloud platforms, the industry as a whole could benefit greatly from additional eyes on the original source code.

While most readers believe open source is the wave of the future, some readers were more reluctant to throw their support behind widespread open source cloud computing. Eighteen percent of respondents said open source cloud would remain an alternative to proprietary operating systems, believing it is too early in the game for such a massive change in development philosophy.

The remaining 14 percent of voters said it was too soon to tell either way what the future holds for open source and cloud. While this was the least popular choice of the survey, its important to realize that, while unlikely, we are still at such an early stage in the game that there is no telling how cloud computing will grow.

No matter how popular a piece of software (or an operating system, for that matter) is, there always are ways to improve on its design to make it bigger and better. If software designers want to be able to satisfy as many users as possible, allowing users to view the original code makes complete sense as there are more opportunities to improve upon functionality and fix potential errors. With this philosophy, one can only hope the growing market for cloud computing will continue to see more open source operating systems to appear within the space.

What do you think of the future of open source software and cloud computing? Do you believe in the future of open source cloud operating systems, or is it just another fad? Sound off in the comments below.

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