Lenovo Launches New Deal Registration Site for North American Partners

Lenovo Launches New Deal Registration Site for North American Partners

Lenovo debuted LenovoLeads.com, a new deal registration and NCB portal for North American Authorized Business partners.

Lenovo is looking to make the deal registration and customer acquisition process easier for its partners with the launch of LenovoLeads, a dedicated portal to help partners log and receive credit for their sales opportunities. 

The site, which went live July 1, is currently only available to Authorized Lenovo Business Partners in the United States and Canada. Lenovo did not mention whether it would expand the program to other regions.

The deal registration site covers all of Lenovo’s product lines, including its Think and System X solutions, according to the company. The site also unifies Lenovo’s new customer bonus (NCB) and deal registration opportunities under a single banner.

Lenovo said its system automatically will determine which discounts to provide based on the customer (filtering opportunities into either new customer bonus or deal registration paths), so partners no longer have to specify their opportunities when submitting information.

To receive their bonus, partners simply identify the end customer for each specific opportunity and submit that opportunity for validation. All customers who were previously eligible for NCB prior to the portal’s launch will continue to be eligible for the new program, the company said. Customers who were previously ineligible for the NCB program will be listed under the deal registration path.

Discounts will be presented upfront via distribution, with partners receiving 5 percent back for clients and 8 percent back for enterprise deals, according to Lenovo. The program is also being targeted specifically at opportunities greater than $50,000 in revenue.

All discount codes will be eligible for six months or until the opportunity ends. Lenovo said it expects to process and respond to all opportunities within three days of their submission.

It’s important to note that discounts are only eligible for deals registered on or after July 1, so partners using the previous NCB program can't double dip for additional discounts.

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