Meet the Chiefs: Dave Maffei, Carbonite

For our very first Meet the Chiefs of 2015, we sat down with Dave Maffei, vice president of Global Channel Sales at Carbonite. Maffei is responsible for driving Carbonite's global revenue as well as developing new strategies to grow overall business and achieve the company's sales goals. More specifically, Maffei manages Carbonite's sales team, operations and resources to drive profitable growth and coordinate sales training programs to increase customer satisfaction. He is a 10-year veteran of the tech industry, with a focus on business continuity, web content management and enterprise e-commerce. 

What is Meet the Chiefs?

Meet the Chiefs shines the spotlight on the channel’s head honchos and offers an opportunity to learn a little bit about the person beyond his or her company profile. Click on each photo to learn more about the channel chief you’re viewing.

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