iOS Macs In The Future? Don't Count On It

iOS Macs In The Future? Don't Count On It

Everyone loves a good rumor or two, especially about Apple and Steve Jobs. But sometimes some rumors just need to be put to rest. The latest rumor that -- although questionable -- has people thinking. It goes something like this: Will the next Macintosh computer run iOS, or a layered variant on top of it? A touch screen Mac? Maybe. The eradication of Mac OS X? Don't count on it. Here's the deal...

TheLoop, which isn't exactly know for their most reliable sources, has been pushing the story that within two months or so, Apple will have a special iMacs event (like their seasonal iPod event) that will debut a touch-screen Mac featuring a hybrid version of Mac OS X with a touch interface.

Part of the reason is to further proliferate the success of the App Store beyond handheld device. Some say it's part of Apple's grand scheme to unify the computing platform across all its devices. Other sites whisper that Mac OS X will fall into the fold of iOS in some way.

Another View

I say it's rubbish. Apple very much relies on Mac OS X to do all the heavy lifting for Apple's brand. Granted, the iPhone and the iPad have given Apple new poster children for innovation and fun that Apple creates, but Mac OS X and the Macs that run it are the backbone of the company.

Can you imagine Apple without Mac OS X (especially after all those Mac vs PC ads)? Would you honestly spend $1000+ on a MacBook if it ran the same OS as your iPad? I don't think so. Likewise, could you imagine yourself hunched over your desk, desperately reaching up to touch your monitor? Conversely, could you see yourself using a 20+ inch monitor a mere 2 feet infront of you so you could touch it?

Mac OS X is a reliable operating system with millions of loyal followers across a range of verticals. Education. Multimedia production. Web editing. And even general business productivity.

Admittedly, Apple is invested in iOS right now, but that doesn't mean Apple has forgotten what makes their computer's great in the first place. You'll remember that Mac OS X Leopard took a back seat as Apple ramped up for the first iPhone release. Likewise, Mac OS X 10.7 probably went on the back burner as Apple focused on iPhone 4's launch.

But if anyone thinks Apple would be able to march on against Microsoft and Linux in the OS Holy Wars with iOS, they've got it wrong.

Mac OS X, in it's pure and un-touch-layered form is here to stay.

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