Cisco Launches Channel Blog

cisco-channel-blog1The VAR Guy and Cisco Systems' channel team now have two things in common. They both love Starbucks. And they both blog. Indeed, Cisco has launched a channel blog. Hmmm. Does The VAR Guy have new competition -- or a new way to track Cisco's channel news?

Actually, The VAR Guy is addicted to vendor-driven channel blogs -- as long as they're updated at least once a week and offer unique perspectives and observations. Spare The VAR Guy the headlines. Give him executive insights.

Among Cisco's first channel blog entries is this video interview with Channel Chief Keith Goodwin:

Hmmm. Cisco should have plenty of opportunity to keep the channel blog updated, especially as the 2009 Cisco Partner Summit approaches in June.

More thoughts later. Our resident blogger is a bit distracted eating at a BBQ joint during a road trip from Austin to Dallas. Free WiFi, and all the cholesterol you can consume in one sitting. Mmmm.

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