Want Your PPC Campaign to Work? Hire a Google Partner

Want Your PPC Campaign to Work? Hire a Google Partner

When it comes to online marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is huge. But don’t fool yourself, PPC marketing is complicated.

Marketing dollars are not always easy to come by, for any business. In the battle for marketing dollars, many businesses can be divided—even fractured—when it comes to allocating funds to support marketing initiatives, especially online marketing. Yet, without progressive online marketing, companies can falter and even break apart.

When it comes to online marketing, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is huge, especially in light of changes to Google’s algorithms, which force marketers to transfer some of their energy from SEO-centric, keyword-loaded content to developing PPC plans tailored specifically for lead generation. PPC marketing calls for savvy intuition and understanding of keyword research and grouping, as well as an interpretive talent for analyzing keyword traffic data, budgeting AdWords bidding, creating landing pages relevant to keywords and ad text and identifying traffic-driving keywords and potential traffic sources as well as negative keywords. It also doesn’t hurt to have a high understanding of competitor monitoring and segmenting traffic to analyze the value of traffic by device.

Don’t fool yourself, PPC marketing is complicated.

To succeed with PPC marketing, a business ideally should hire a Google Partner.

What is a Google Partner? A Google Partner is an online marketing company that has literally partnered with Google to provide innovative and powerful digital marketing solutions to an expansive customer base. Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google and decorated with a coveted Google Partner badge that recognizes excellence with Google’s products and best practices.

Many times, businesses feel they can jump into PPC advertising and manage their PPC activity like pros. The problems arise quickly, however, as the complexity of PPC advertising fast presents itself—often to the dismay of overwhelmed, overworked professionals haplessly tagged as their company’s respective online marketing guru.

Quite simply, there is a tremendous degree of management that goes into creating a successful PPC campaign. It is a full-time job, which is why businesses should consider hiring a Google Partner.

Google Partners can deliver:

  • Management of PPC campaigns for optimum effectiveness and results.
  • Google best practices when implementing PPC campaigns designed to boost lead generation.
  • Expertise in Google AdWords that cannot be faked by an enthusiastic marketing intern.
  • An acute ability to handle spending and manage budgets to maximize AdWords strategies.
  • A leading project management aptitude, enabling success from PPC campaign start to finish.

 With a capable Google Partner driving PPC activities, a business can grow. PPC campaigns can yield a high return on investment, giving businesses targeted traffic and, in some cases, an immediate boost to website exposure.

Hiring a Google Partner to deliver PPC consulting is an investment well worth making, whether your online advertising goals are on the national or local spectrum. Don’t worry, Google sets remarkably high standards for its Google Partner program, and is terrifically quick to deny a marketing company that is truly not capable of PPC precision and purity.

After all, Google launched its Google Partner program to scrutinize marketing agencies, elevating only the best of the best to the rank of Google Partner. Google Partner marketing firms are highly qualified and credible in the eyes of Google, with flashy AdWord Certifications and a proven track record for managing PPC campaigns that deliver success. Google believes in its Google Partner companies and, if PPC advertising is on your list of online marketing goals at this time, perhaps you should, too.

Marie Alonso is an online marketing and media strategist at Miles Technologies, a leading IT company. The Miles Technologies team contributes business-driven content to The VAR Guy regularly.

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