Is Your Business Making Headlines? 3 Tips To Pitching Reporters

Is Your Business Making Headlines? 3 Tips To Pitching Reporters

Here are are few ideas to get your business some face time with the press.

When was the last time your business received recognition in the media? Obviously, running a successful business should merit some attention from time to time, but unfortunately being a tremendously driven entrepreneur or the CEO of an award-winning business serving 10,000-plus customers is not always enough to win recognition by a reporter.

To recruit the attention of today’s busy journalists, businesses must deploy creative, sometimes aggressive and always proactive, media relations strategy that includes contacting reporters via traditional avenues, such as press releases and media alerts, as well as engaging journalists on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. If you would like your business to get some media attention, brand journalism and brand storytelling helps! Consider the following:

Pitch a Story – When you want to engage the media, pitch a story that shares your company’s most interesting activities, unique services, milestones, corporate philosophy and successes. Don’t just pitch your company. Pitching the media with a touch of brand journalism and brand storytelling is far more engaging than submitting information for their review and evaluation. Tell the media why your company is amazing! Give them objective and valid reasons to visit your business and learn about all that makes your business unique.

Make Friends … Who Happen to be Journalists – In the past, getting to know a reporter meant reviewing that reporter’s previous articles. It is extremely helpful, when pitching the media, to know what a reporter’s beat is and what topics most interest him or her. Today, with the help of robust social media platforms, getting to know a reporter or blogger is enhanced by tweets, shares and even the reporter’s blog. Taking the time to research a journalist can lead to solid media connections that not only appreciate your pitches, but appreciate you too! Research the social media influencers—journalists—who are covering your industry! Get to know them!

Embrace the Process – When securing an article with a journalist, always respect the journalistic process. Share your company’s story in an objective way, allowing the journalist to determine what about your company is most newsworthy, interesting and appropriate for his or her readers. Share news and update the reporter on market trends, but ultimately trust the reporter to see all that is great about your business. Many times, journalists pick up on unique nuances about a company, which can lend personality to a story. Give the reporter the facts and share your opinions, but allow them the space to research and review your business.

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